who we are

With a foundation built on more than 50 years in publishing across Europe, Marquard Group grew today into a tech-driven media company building digital transactional engagement platforms for advertisers, corporates and publishers. Across our focus areas of Gaming, IT and Lifestyle, more than 20 million users engage daily with our brands and services.

our values are our dna

Since its inception on the back of the emerging Pop movement in the early 1960s, Marquard Group has been built around three core values:



Innovation is a deeply embedded force that shapes our focus, choices, and culture. This enables us to stay true to our goal of continuous reinvention.



Our success lies in the success of our people, partners and users. We empower each stakeholder through full ownership to thrive and create value.



For us, trust is not a given, but a value earned through innovation and empowerment. It is our duty to safeguard the trust that exists amongst peers, partners and products.


Our values, legacy and progressive business focus have defined a timeless purpose: create premium content, build connections, monetize transactional engagement.

“Empowering consumer engagement.”


We deliver solutions that empower quality multimedia content to build user-centric connections around engaging and profitable transaction models.

Our Leadership

In order to stay true to our purpose, our mission and our values, we believe in fostering inclusive leadership as a Group. Our leadership team brings together an incredible set of individuals and industry leaders with a progressive mindset and passion for media, technology, and innovation.

board of directors

Jürg Marquard
Jürg Marquard Honorary Chairman
Dr. Luka Müller
Dr. Luka Müller Chairman
Bijan Khezri
Bijan Khezri Group-CEO and Delegate
Jacques Bughin
Jacques Bughin Member
Dr. Thomas Rinderknecht
Dr. Thomas Rinderknecht Member
Marc Walder
Marc Walder Member

group management board

Bijan Khezri
Bijan Khezri Group-CEO and Delegate
Rainer Rosenbusch
Rainer Rosenbusch Group-CFO
Christian Müller
Christian Müller CEO, Computec Media
Zsuzsanna Ohidi
Zsuzsanna Ohidi CEO, MMM
Phillip Schuster
Phillip Schuster CEO, 4Players
Benjamin Sterbenz
Benjamin Sterbenz CEO, Golem.de