Marquard Media Group participated in ’Covering Climate Now’ global project.

Marquard Media Group participated in ’Covering Climate Now’ global project.

Marquard Media Group participated in ’Covering Climate Now’ global project

More than 300 media outlets from around the world with a combined audience of hundreds of millions of people have signed up for Covering Climate Now, a project co-founded by Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation aimed at strengthening the media’s focus on the climate crisis.

The campaign aimed to increase the visibility of the climate crisis in media. Covering Climate Now’s debut project—eight days of dedicated climate coverage by partner news organizations—launched 16th September and ended at the 23th, to coincide with the Climate Action Summit at the United Nations in New York. The initiative wasn’t limited to the US: in total, more than 300 outlets from around the world signed on, throwing a combined audience of more than 1 billion people behind the project.

All outlets have been committed to run a week’s worth of climate coverage in the lead-up to the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York on Sept. 23. At that meeting, the world’s governments submit planned to meet the Paris Agreement’s pledge to keep global temperature rise “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.

All of the outlets participating decided for themselves how many climate stories to run during the September week of coverage, and what those stories say. The only requirement was that the participating outlets make a good faith effort to run as much high-quality climate coverage as they could—and thereby signal to their audiences the paramount importance of the climate story.


The purpose of Covering Climate Now, was to strengthen the media’s focus on the climate crisis, not only during the project but also in the long term.

Marquard Media Group believes that conscious, regular and solid climate coverage is key to ensure a more positive future for mankind.

We work hard every day to build a path to a sustainable future, and our commitments are reflected in our products and personal life of our employees. We are committed to Marquard Media Cares, the corporate social responsibility program of the company group, and our participation in Covering Climate Now, in all 3 countries and 5 companies, were part of this program.

The companies published the following articles as part of the campaign:”