Straight to the roots

How innovation has shaped Computec Media and is leading it into a new future.

How innovation has shaped Computec Media and is leading it into a new future.

Computec Media has been part of the Marquard Group since 2005. In 2017, our parent company opened a new chapter in its 50-year publishing history. The new brand identity reflects this transformation process and embodies our core values. As a Group, we want to bring innovation to life, develop new skills, create value and develop trusting partnerships. Our greatest challenge is to realign and focus our own culture and way of thinking. At Computec Media, we have actively shaped this new self-image from the bottom up and are continuing to work on accelerating the transformation from a traditional publishing house to a technology-driven media house and digital solution provider.

Innovation is part of our DNA

The core values remind me of our roots and how exciting it was to be a pioneer in innovative media solutions with Computec Media. When we were founded 30 years ago, the premiere of magazines with diskettes was a completely new business model. In 1992, I personally introduced the use of DTP systems. From the garage (which was a basement) we moved into offices with 5, 10, 25, 100 employees. We experienced rapid growth in the dotcom phase. In 1995, we released the first cover CD-ROM for magazines, five years later DVDs and already in 1996, the first commercial gaming website. Pure start-up feeling, although the term did not yet exist. In 2000s, as the pioneers of publishing digitalization, we were unable to keep pace with the disruptive technological leaps of the Internet and platform economy - as was the case across the media industry. We relied too much on the content business with gaming and IT media. But our media brands are still a rich heritage today. Those still shape our innovative strength, the determination, and, as part of the Marquard Group, the ability to reinvent ourselves. I am convinced that it is crucial for our transformation to combine the best of the "old" with the vision of the "new". With our flagship brands, we want to tap into the untapped potential with transactional business models. We want to use our publishing experience as a competitive strength, develop innovative media solutions and be pioneers again - in the digital world, with SaaS products and platform services, designed and implemented by us as a publishers for publishers.

We believe in a better Internet

The problems of the digital world open up unique opportunities to find creative answers and benefit from the industry dynamics. Data protection regulations encroach on the value chain, hate speech poisons content platforms. We know how costly it is to deal with toxic user-generated content. We know the difficulties of monetizing content in an environment of adblocking and tracking restrictions. Online publishing and advertising ecosystems face huge challenges. Therefore, we will provide users, publishers and advertisers with value-added solutions that are proven on our own platforms: DETOXY, the smart shield against spam and toxic UGC, and ACT2ACCESS, the interactive advertising form that protects and monetizes content. Our first Media Solutions are innovative publisher-to-publisher products and services. They make the Web a valuable experience for users and businesses alike.

Media Solutions as growth driver

The establishment of the new Computec Media Solutions business unit is a logical step. I look forward to building the team of professionals and talents with expertise in ad technology, digital business models, growth marketing and software development. Media Solutions vision of value-added publisher-first products builds on our roots and fits-in organically. Our strong publishing brands and great colleagues in #teamcomputec are a credible and living foundation for the new growth area. We link our heritage with the future and also want to develop and grow personally.

This is the path we take, not least because it is challenging. What lies before us is always determined by what lies within us. I would like to invite and encourage our current and future employees, customers and partners to accompany Computec Media on this journey and actively shape the future of media.