War Gaming

SCILL Play integrates with War Gaming to provide gamers access to customised tournaments, battle passes and challenges.

SCILL Play integrates with War Gaming to provide gamers access to customised tournaments, battle passes and challenges.

Wargaming is without a doubt one of the most successful developers and publishers of free-to-play online-action games in the last decade. Their release portfolio includes online-games with a strong and loyal fanbase like World of Tanks (which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year), World of Warships or Caliber, another promising shooter currently slated for a tentative European release in 2021. Wargaming also entered the retail-market with the PC release of Master of Orion, while publishing their successful franchises on a variety of platforms from console to mobile.

But in an ever-changing industry and with growing competition, even powerhouses like Wargaming are faced with churn as well as retention problems.
Which is why they turned to SCILL Play, the engagement and community platform developed by 4Players. SCILL Play entices gamers to play their favorites with new curated challenges and exclusive rewards, thus keeping them connected to the game and brand for longer.

"Our main value lies in our community. Our players continue to play World of Warships and enjoy rich content and new features we're preparing on a regular basis. Therefore, we are happy to partner with SCILL Play and offer our players even more reasons to log in and play their favourite game by keeping them engaged with other players and awarding their achievements.", said Rajeev Girdhar, Regional Publishing Director for World of Warships at the announcement of this partnership.

But SCILL Play is valuable not only to established publishers, but also to independent game studios, giving them a chance to incorporate community or monetization tools like Battle Passes with ease, thus being able to spend their scarce ressources on developing content and finetuning the games' mechanics, as proven by partnerships with Berlin-based indie studio Broken Games or the recently announced co-operation with the American studio Red Jake Games for their game Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite, currently in Early Access on the gaming platform Steam.

Recently a self-service-platform with all the ingredients of SCILL Play has been launched, giving independent as well as established developers and publishers alike the chance to use all the tools needed to keep their communities engaged in a scalable and affordable way.