Reinvention runs in our DNA

A Marquard Hungary Perspective.

A Marquard Hungary Perspective.

I'll never forget. More than two decades ago, just getting from the countryside to Budapest, I was standing in the subway looking at a billboard for the latest issue of JOY magazine. “I wish I could work here one day” - I thought to myself, being attracted not only to JOY, but to the exciting world of media as a whole.

My dream soon became a reality, me and JOY have been together since the turn of the millennium. Just like me and Marquard Media. Of course, a lot of water has flowed down the Danube since then, everything has changed and especially in the last few years our environment, technology, the amount of information and the way it flows have transformed at an amazing pace. And all of that, of course, shaped us. Us people and us as a company.

In recent challenging months, we have done nothing but question and reinterpret and reshape our goals, roles and attitudes over and over again. We have learned, that everything can change from moment to moment, that certainty can become suddenly uncertainty, and if we want to survive, we must switch and make the constantly evolving new and new realities our own.

In May this year I was asked in a survey about my main value, what I believe is most important today. My answer was perseverance, determination. Why? Because in perseverance there is a little of everything we need to develop and move forward: commitment, not giving up, purposefulness and inner strength as well. All our decisions will only be justified if we have the strength, courage, and perseverance to carry them through.

As a marathon runner, I learn a lot about myself and endurance during a race. I am developing new and new ways to survive deadlocks, be it counting my steps or repeating my motivational quotes. When it hurts the most, that’s when I clench my teeth and go forward, focused on the goal. In the meantime, I pay attention to my feelings, I trust my intuitions, my instincts. This year especially helped us to learn about the importance of transience, the fact that everything is in constant motion, change, and how we have to separate the essential from the insignificant.

In the spirit of the above, in 2020 we have made tough decisions, we said sad good byes. But at the same time, we developed a strong vision of Marquard Group Hungary as a Nr1 shopping solution provider for digital shopping, supported by curated content from leading media brands. We believe, that empowering our consumers to make the best shopping choices and finding the best deals will support us to a leading role in business intelligence for shopping related partner needs.

So now we are boldly looking to the future. Boldly and optimistically, because we believe that what we do has value. Just as there is tremendous value to our team, our community, to the togetherness that has always made Marquard unique and special: a company with an open mind, youthful soul and fresh spirit - all in the service of the success of 2021 and well beyond.