Catching up with Ivan Kresic, Technology Lead at 4Players

An interesting conversation with Ivan Kresic, one of the more recent leaders to have joined the Marquard Group to lead development for SCILL.

An interesting conversation with Ivan Kresic, one of the more recent leaders to have joined the Marquard Group to lead development for SCILL.

As we draw closer to Christmas and start getting used to replacing our coffees with hot chocolate while getting ready to spend some quality time with family, I sat down to have one year-closing conversation with one of the more recent members of our team, Ivan Kresic. Having joined us in the second half of 2019, he's just completed his first year and has played in instrumental role in defining the technology strategy of one of our most important technology platforms, SCILL. Read more below to get to know more about his journey with us.

How long have you worked here?

I’ve been with the Marquard Media Group at 4Players since September 2019, it seems like much longer though.

In your role as Technology Lead, what does your typical day look like?

I start my day by reading my emails and Slack messages. I open all my tools, check my tasks for the day and get my groove on with a cup of green tea.

What do you enjoy most about working for 4Players?

I enjoy working with the wide array of people who specialise in different aspects of technology. A mixture of various backgrounds and different points of view always makes for interesting discussions. In addition to this, I'm a huge fan of the recent disruption that gaming has gone through and am glad that my work with SCILL is contributing to it.

What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about your role?

The most challenging part about my role is keeping up with everything that’s going on with my product, as there are always plenty ideas and a never-ending stream of tasks. The most rewarding thing is the feeling when you see that people actually use those products and give feedback. It is the greatest compliment to see that users care about your product and want to help you improve it.

How do you stay focused and go beyond on a regular basis?

It’s important to learn how to deal with stress and to have an exhaust vent. Getting enough sleep, relaxing on your days off, taking regular vacations and self-organizing is very important to keep a cool head and stay focused. Business is a marathon, not a sprint; to be good at it, you have to learn how to take a break from it.

Outside of life at 4Players, what are the things that take up most of your time?

In my free time, I binge-watch Netflix, listen to music, hang out with friends, spend time in nature, travel, do some gaming or work on personal projects. It depends on my mood and the weather. The winter me is more of a couch potato. The summer me - not so much. Summer is my favorite part of the year, so I enjoy water and sunshine, and try to travel as much as I can, visit festivals, go to concerts and unwind!