A conversation with Christian Hensen – the new Chef vom Dienst at Golem Media

Inspiring insights of Christian Hensen and his motivation to join Golem Media

Inspiring insights of Christian Hensen and his motivation to join Golem Media

At the beginning of February, the Golem team in Berlin has welcomed a new Chef vom Dienst / Duty Editor - Christian. Even though we are all in home office and working remote, we wanted to welcome Christian in a proper and warm way and get to know him better as a new team member. Christian took an important role and has a lot of responsibilities as well. To find out what was his motivation to join, his challenges awaiting him as well as opportunities, read more below in a fruitful remote interview.

Why did you decide to join the Golem team and take up this role as Chef vom Dienst (CvD)? What motivated you?

Even though I was only 13 at the time, I started reading news websites about everything tech as early as 2000. Only a few websites remained in my bookmarks – and Golem always was one of them. So when Golem was looking for a duty editor, I curiously asked what they actually needed. As it turned out, this role would allow me to search the internet for news and trends and help one of my favourite websites to grow. So the decision was quite easy.

What responsibilities will you be taking over as a CvD? How would you describe your role?

A duty editor does everything a little and leaves the rest to his colleagues – to put things as easy as possible. I search the web for stories, share them with the editorial team and try to get things onto Golem.de as fast as possible. Additionally, I help our editors with headlines and articles in order to attract new readers and I keep an eye on our daily results. It’s kind of similar to an air traffic controller, but without the planes.

What will your challenges be in the first 6 months at Golem?

Golem is a very special website with special needs and an extraordinary editorial team. Fitting into a team so small and so close-knit, is way more difficult than starting in a company with thousands of people. So my challenge, although already succeeding, is to fit in and actually provide help and support to a team, which worked well together for years.

What are you most excited about?

To be honest, I’m very excited to be able to call myself a member of a website I visited for more than 15 years. It’s just great to be part of a project, product or website you actually use yourself – because you know it’s already great and you can help to make it even better.

What do you hope to achieve at Golem?

I think I want to achieve what everyone working on a website wants to achieve. More visits, more awesome stories and more people using the website. Personally, as I said, I’d like to provide a helping hand to a very good editorial team and become an invaluable asset to the team.

How did your career look like until now?

I started as a part-time editor for Apfeltalk.de while I was studying at the University of Düsseldorf. As soon as I received my master’s degree, I started working full-time for Apfeltalk. A little later I wanted to get to know the “other side” and worked for Mazda and Ubisoft as a PR guy. But journalism was the one, so I accepted an offer to complete my journalistic education at Axel Springer, where I worked for a little over seven years. The rest is history.

Outside of life at Golem, what are the things that take up most of your time?

That’s an easy one. If the sun’s out, I’m on my motorcycle. If not, I help my wife building her Etsy-Wool-empire. If there’s nothing else to do, COVID-19 taught me to enjoy a simple walk.