#BuyLocal (#VegyélHazait)

#BuyLocal (#VegyélHazait): A charity brand has given birth to a success brand in Hungary

#BuyLocal (#VegyélHazait): A charity brand has given birth to a success brand in Hungary

Marquard Media Hungary’s multi-brand initiative aimed to help small businesses in Hungary through the crisis caused by the pandemic of 2020 spring, but eventually a new success brand was born.

Marquard Media Hungary worked hard to provide solutions to the crisis situation caused by the coronavirus, to put its value-creating, community-forming power at the service of good projects and, in addition to providing its consumers with informative content, to reduce economic damage.

This is also the reason why the #BuyLocal (#VegyélHazait) Facebook group became a stage where demand and supply could meet. Marquard media Hungary created an opportunity for Hungarian artists and small companies to introduce themselves, when they needed it most. The result exceeded every idea. The group's reputation spread like wildfire in Hungary. In 2,5 months, thousands entered to the group and members gave word of mouth inviting newer companies to introduce themselves. Many thousands of producers, creators, artists, designers, and caterers from all over the country presented themselves, thus expanding the circle that Marquard Media wanted to help before.

The mission soon became a heartbeat for the media company as a new brand of success was born: #BuyLocal (#VegyélHazait).

Due to the incredible growth of the Facebook group, as well as the group's transparency and the need for a kind of quality constraint, the www.vegyelhazait.hu website was launched. Only creators who have a registered company in Hungary can upload and present themselves on the website. And a new platform has been created for hobbyists: the #VegyélHazait_HOBBI Facebook group.

The new brand was a big surprise for the audience who noticed the brand. #BuyLocal has become a kind of “treasure shooting” place, where everyone can find products for their tastes and needs and offers the opportunity to admire souring Hungarian creativity.

The success of the new brand is undoubtedly based on these factors:

  • community building when social distancing characterizes everyday life
  • presentation of values
  • a melting point of positive cooperation and fascinating creativity

In addition to further expanding the group, Marquard Media’s business goal is to equip companies in the community with sales and communication opportunities, committing them to it, even as an advertising partner. In addition, by mapping the needs of creators, organize community events, fairs, webinars, awards to help team members increase their brand awareness and their nationwide sales goals, i.e., provide purchase promotion and corresponding business advice, support to companies.

#VegyélHazait is a trademark of Marquard Media Hungary, and the member of the Shopping Solutions & Services portfolio.